Our Resellers

Accessories Spares Centre employs over 120 staff – but we have a much larger team! We consider our approved resellers and clients as a part of our team and provides an easy, efficient and quality service that builds relationships and trust. Our goal is to supply our clients & approved resellers with the highest quality product in a reliable, efficient and professional manner.

Reseller Benefits


When you become an approved reseller, not only do you retain your independence you also have access to our many years of experience and expertise and the advantages that come with being a member of our team.


Our number one objective is to add value to your business so that we build long standing relationships with you and maintain an exceptional ongoing service.


Use our vast knowledge and experience together with our product range to help to you grow your business and widen your customer base.


We help keep in touch with market trends with our regular overseas trips. We strive to continually research and broaden our range available to our resellers both locally and internationally.


We have the necessary SLA’S (service level agreements) in place with all major suppliers and service providers, which means
‘we’ve got you covered’.


Our approved resellers can remain confident that all the goods they purchase from ASC are fully complaint & NRCS* approved products
(where necessary).

Specific products carry their relative warranty periods, some of our brands carry a life time warranty (brand dependent).
*National Regulatory Compulsory Service.

Become a Approved Reseller

Accessories Spares Centre has built a successful network across Southern Africa with our approved resellers. Independent resellers tend to become isolated, and the need to communicate and network with others is vitally important. We want you to join us and explore the benefits that we offer. Become a member of our team as an approved reseller with common and mutually beneficial goals. Download and apply now to become part of our reseller network. Email your application to a info@accessoriesspares.co.za.

Preferred Distributor Programme

15 + 13 =

*ASC is an accredited RMI member and strive to ensure business activities continuously comply with the required accreditation criteria and the MIOSA’s Code of Conduct. ASC proudly and strictly conforms to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) to promote fairness, openness and good business practices between suppliers of goods and services and Consumers of these goods and services.